31 de marzo de 2010

i don't care about this title

#1 Becka Diamond

i found that picture at tumblr. previously i don't know who is she in the photo but i like her style.
after I see the tattoo in hand I know who she is, she is Becka Diamond!! you must know i really like her style, rock n roll!. ish i like her tattoo too lol i want to make tattoo like her #wishlist!

to all readers, i'm boring xxx so i was drinking red wine ... look at this picture!

naaaaa, it's not red wine but it is kuku bima !!! lol yeaaah i like kuku bima because kuku bima
capable refreshing entity.

#2 hair colouring

i want to have hair color like the image but my hair is damage OOO .. shit possible during school holidays, I'll have my hair color like the color from the image above

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